Lettre de « mise en demeure » en anglais (En)

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[Translation from the French Original]

SARL [Name of French Importer]
31, rue de la Paix
33100 Bordeaux

Paris, 10 January 2016



RE: [Name of Exporter-Creditor] v. [Name of French Importer]

Mr [Managing] Director,

The Irish company [Name of Exporter-Creditor] to which I am legal counsel has submitted to me a file which would appear to show that you owe it the principal amount of £UK 40.000 (approximately € 50.000), as a result of your receipt of merchandise ordered by your company.

In the event of your failure to pay the said amount within one week from the date of receipt of this letter, such company has instructed me to initiate legal action and to take against you all appropriate measures to safeguard its interests.

You should consider this letter as legal formal notice with respect to all deadlines, accrual of interest and other consequences under the Law – particularly pursuant to Article 1153 of the Civil Code – and the significance which the Courts give to formal legal notices.

I remain available to examine this matter with your legal counsel, if he should so desire.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathon Wise POLIER
Attorney-at-Law/Avocat à la Cour