Assisting individuals in New York

Attorneys WOLFSON and CARROLL in New York represent American, French and other individuals transnational with respect to their international activities and problems.

Below is a partial list of commercial and business law issues and advice available in the New York office.

Specific practice areas listed below and followed by the symbol icon-link
are linked to a background information article on that subject.

Civil and Commercial Litigation in all Courts in New York State
Contentieux (Civil litigation in all Courts in New York State)
Contentieux en France et aux Etats-Unis
Corporate Law
Droit de la famille (Matrimonial and Family Law)
Droit électorale (Election Law)
Droit immobilier
Election Law
Matrimonial and Family Law
Real Estate
Successions et Trusts (Estates and Trusts)
Trusts and Estates