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The two partners of The Weissberg Law Firm, Attorney Kenneth Weissberg and Attorney Audrey Weissberg, are very extensive transnational legal expertise on both corporate and litigation matters:
Commercial and business law in Paris and abroad
Legal advice and counsel to individuals in Paris and abroad

The Weissberg Law Firm offers French and United State legal advice to individuals and companies undertaking activities in France and the United States. With dual French and New York State law qualifications, we have particular expertise as French and American lawyers in international matters.

We provide a rapid and effective response tailored to your legal needs, offering services as French and American lawyers from advisory work to litigation.

If you would like further information about our services as French and American lawyers for an initial discussion in order to determine how we can best assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us


Maître Kenneth WEISSBERG
Practice areas : ICC and other arbitrations, mergers and acquisitions, international contract negotiations, commercial litigation, insolvency proceedings, contracting with French distributors and commercial agents, proper service of process in France from abroad, enforcement of foreign judgments in France.
Admitted to practice: Paris, New-York (Foreign Legal Consultant), Miami (Foreign Legal Consultant)

kw@weissbergavocats.com + (33) 1 47 20 99 70

Kenneth M. Weissberg, born in Paris, is a dual citizen of France and of the United States.
He was called to the Bar of Paris in 1979, and has practiced ever since as an Attorney, specialized in International Business Law.
He is also admitted as Foreign Legal Counsel in both New York State and Florida.
Attorney Weissberg began his practice as an Associate Attorney with the reputed Paris law firm GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL, in the Department of Foreign Investments in France, Corporations and Bankruptcies.
In 1991, Attorney Weissberg started a professional corporation geared towards a European and a North American clientele. Attorney Weissberg has applied all his efforts to the international development of the firm, which has today offices in Paris, Miami, Bayreuth, as well as a world-wide network of correspondents and covers the full spectrum of legal services available in the international field.
Attorney Weissberg holds a “Maîtrise de Droit Privé” of the University of Nice (France) and a Master of International Law of New York University. He is admitted to the Bar of New York as a Legal Consultant since 1986, and to the Bar of Florida since 2000 as a Foreign Legal Consultant.
From 1998 to 2013, Maître Weissberg was French Foreign Trade Advisor. He was appointed Counselor to the National Board of Foreign Trade by the French Government (Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France) from 1998 until 2013.
Attorney Weissberg has assisted French companies in their outbound activities: namely, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Chimique, (banks), CFCE (French Government), Daher (logistics), GIAT (military equipment) Héli-Union (aviation), Renault (automobile), Sollac (steel).
He is more particularly specialized in international litigation and arbitration, in the field of air law, industrial risks, acquisitions of companies and international bankruptcies as well as in business law procedures.
During his career, he has advised and defended the following companies in their international affairs: Air Canada, Cameroon Airlines, Air Affaire Afrique, Héli-Union, Commodore aviation (aviation), Diamond Shamrock Alberta Gas Company (PVC) and Plastics), Bombardier, Conair, (aircraft manufacturer), Cascades (pulp), CIBC, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Chimique, Nordeustche Landesbank, Anker Bank, (banks), Echo Bay Gold Mine (initial public offering), Garrett Corporation (airplane and car engine parts), General Electric USA, Gund (toys), King Grain (seeds), Milchem (mining equipment), Slush Puppie Corporation (drinks), US Filter (filtering and supply of water), Poleko Group Indonesia (furniture industry), Dumez, Entreprise Byron Exarcos (public works), Sweetmart Group Hong Kong (textile industry), GEM Lunetteries (optical industry), Supercart International South Africa (plastic industry), Thöni (manufacturer Austrian p lines industrial production), CFME (French Center for Events Abroad), Daher (logistics and transport), Sollac (steel), Laboratoires Valda (pharmaceutical industry), Franréa (aeronautical insurance), Andrault Parat (architectural firm) and Subway (restaurant franchises).

Maître Audrey WEISSBERG
Practice areas: Arbitration, ICC and other arbitrations, international & cross-border litigation, international contract negotiations, commercial litigation, debtors’ rights, contracting w. French distributors and commercial agents, proper service of process in France from abroad, enforcement of foreign judgments in France, international inheritance matters.
Admitted to practice: Paris, Quebec
aw@weissbergavocats.com + (33) 1 47 20 99 70

A citizen of both France and the United States, Attorney Audrey Weissberg is a member of the Paris since 2005 and of the Quebec Bar since 2017.
She intervenes in international business law in corporate and litigation matters.
She is also a lecturer on international and cross border legal issues.
She graduated from the University of Paris II Panthéon Assas (Masters in General Private Law, DEA in Common Law Rights), from the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne (Master 2 in Audiovisual Law and Administration) and the New York University School of Law (LL.M in International Trade and Intellectual Property Law).
After several years with the Litigation and arbitration department of the English law firm Norton Rose LLP in Paris and with the Intangible property law department of the French law firm FTPA, she joined the Weissberg law firm in 2013 as a Partner.
She is particularly involved in international business law, in particular commercial law (contract law, joint ventures, franchises, intellectual and industrial property law (copyright, trademark law) and audiovisual law (privacy , sports marketing) as well as in international property law (inheritance law).
As a consultant, she advises companies and foreign entrepreneurs who want to settle in France with the different aspects of their installation (Trademark law, Regulations, companies, Partnerships form).
Within the framework of her activity as a litigator, she intervenes in particular in:
– ad hoc international arbitration and before the American Arbitration Association;
– exequatur of foreign judgments and arbitral awards;
– complex transnational commercial disputes following disputes related to joint-venture contracts; – procedures for obtaining international evidence in application of the provisions of the International Hague Convention;
– obtaining European enforceable titles and recovering titles obtained in France in the European Union;
– transnational disputes in the defense of heirs in international successions.